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Short-Term / Vacation Rental Insurance

Owning a property and listing it online as a short-term rental is a great way for people to bring in some additional income. Whether you have a vacation home, townhome, cottage, cabin, or a condo to list on sites such as AirBNB, VRBA, or Vacasa, we can help you insure it properly.

Some of our companies offer a home-sharing endorsement you can add to your policy to pick up this additional exposure. If you do not have a commercial property policy designed to insure short-rental properties, or a very broad endorsement on your rental property policy, you could have some significate gaps in coverage leaving you at risk.

When you rent your home out to the public, you are essentially operating in a way similar to a hotel, where your guests have a higher level of expectations than they may for a long-term rental situation.

Some unique coverages to consider


  • A guest / renter damages your house by accident.

  • Theft and vandalism when vacant in between renters

  • Liability for a guest / renter injury

  • Pet liability

  • Liability for amenities such as pools, hot tubs, bicycles, exercise equipment, small watercraft

  • Business income loss while repairing damaged caused by a covered loss

It’s becoming more common for communities and counties to require a short-term rental permit. Some of these permits require you have a commercial policy for the property, and not a personal homeowner or personal rental property policy.

If you hire a property manager, some policies can add them to your policy in case they are found to be liable for bodily injury or property damage. Your liability will extend to the property manager as well.

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English Insurance Group Specialty Business Insurance
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