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Privacy Policy Notice

Purpose of this Notice
Title V of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) generally prohibits any financial institution, directly or through it affiliates, from sharing nonpublic personal information about you with a non-affiliated third party unless the institution provides you with a notice of its privacy policies and practices, such as the type of information that it collects about you and the categories of persons or entities to whom it may be disclosed. In compliance with the GLBA, we are providing you with this document, which notifies you of the privacy policies and practices of English Insurance Group, LLC.

At English Insurance Group, LLC, we respect your privacy. We appreciate the trust and confidence you place in us handling your individual insurance programs. While the nature of insurance requires that we gather personal, financial and/or health information about you, we recognize and understand the importance of keeping this information protected. We want to assure you that the information we gather to complete an insurance transaction is kept confidential. English Insurance Group, LLC does not sell information about you to others. We have not, and will not, violate that trust by giving or selling or marketing your nonpublic personal information to any third party for any purpose other than providing you with our services.

While we appreciate this trust you place in us, it is important for you to know more specifically what information we collect and what we do with that information in our efforts to provide you the service you expect.

1. Information We Collect About You:
In order to give you the insurance services you request, we often ask customers to complete an application form or other forms that disclose personal information such as your name, address, social security number and other financial information. We supplement this information with financial information from consumer credit reporting agencies (such as credit worthiness and credit scores), driving and automobile licensing information from state agencies, and information about your real estate from public records. Finally, we collect information about your business transactions with us including information about account payments, claims and other information that may be necessary to serve you in the future. The information that we collect is limited to that which we believe will be necessary to fulfill the requirements of the insurers and regulators with which we work.

Most of our information comes directly from you on applications or forms provided by you or on your behalf. We may also collect nonpublic personal information about you. The information we collect allows us to properly underwrite and rate your insurance policy and to complete the other transactions incidental to your insurance policy. Sources and types of nonpublic information include:

  • Information provided by you, the applicant, when you complete your application or other forms while we provide insurance services (i.e. your name, address, financial information, and driver’s license number)
  • Motor Vehicle Records (MVRs) received from the Motor Vehicle Department
  • Consumer Reporting Agency information (i.e. credit reports)
  • Insurance companies we represent
  • Loss reports
  • Payment history
  • Court records or other public records
  • Information we receive from affiliates, insurers, other intermediaries, and others while processing and verifying the information provided to us
  • Your medical records or medical professionals (for health insurance)
  • Information about your transactions with us, non-affiliated third parties or others
    (i.e. your payment history and claims information)
  • For property insurance, we may send someone to inspect your property and verify information about its value and condition, and a photo of the property may be taken.

2. Information Use & Disclosure to Third Parties:
We do not share nonpublic personal information about our customers or former customers with other companies except in connection with providing you the services you request and as required by law. We do not sell your nonpublic personal information to anyone.

For example:

  • We share your information with insurance companies to place insurance coverage and to service your account.
  • We do NOT share your information with any affiliated companies or with any non-affiliated third parties for their independent use in marketing their products.
  • When required by law, and when responding to subpoenas and other legal documents, we share your information with credit bureaus and government agencies.
  • Sometimes information needs to be disclosed to your insurance company, appraisers, independent adjusters, insurance regulators, and/or your mortgage lender or lienholder.
  • We only share your personal health information for underwriting, premium rating, or other activities related to the creation, renewal, or replacement of another contract of health insurance, or as permitted or required by law.

It is the agency's normal procedure that your policy could be re-marketed for purposes of renewing or replacing it.

We do not share credit information, such as credit worthiness, credit standing, credit capacity, or credit score received with anyone. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, however, we are permitted to share information about your transactions or experiences with us (such as payment history) with our affiliated companies.

3. Nonaffiliated Third Parties to Whom Disclosures May be Made:
We disclose nonpublic personal information about you only to non-affiliated third parties as permitted by law. Non-affiliated service providers may include the insurance carrier, financing company, leasing company and/or Mortgage Company.

4. How we Protect Your Personal Information - Our practices regarding information confidentiality and security:

  • We restrict access to nonpublic personal information about you to those employees who need to know that information in order to provide the insurance products or services to you.
  • We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that comply with federal regulations to guard your nonpublic personal information.
  • Our virus detection, firewalls and other computer software are designed to protect access and prevent damage to customer data in our computer systems.
  • Our policies cover the proper physical security of workplaces and records.
  • We maintain the privacy of your personal health information as required by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. We will keep any personal health information you provide to us confidential unless: (1) you provide us with your written permission to disclose; or (2) the disclosure is for underwriting, premium rating, or other activities related to the creation, renewal, or replacement of another contract of health insurance, or as permitted or required by law.

5. Our Policy Regarding Dispute Resolutions:
Any controversy or claims arising out of or relating to our privacy policy, or the breach thereof, shall be settled by arbitration in accordance with the rules of the American Arbitration Association, and judgment upon the award rendered by the arbitrator(s) may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof.

6. Treatment of Personal Information of Former Customers:
English Insurance Group, LLC follows this personal information privacy policy even when a customer relationship no longer exists.

If you have additional questions about the privacy of your personal information or about your insurance needs in general, please contact us.

We appreciate your trust and your business.

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